Who We Are

What we stand for

Founded by a group of passionate gamers, Mobalytics is a rapidly growing eSports startup with a big vision: to empower any and all competitive gamers to achieve greatness.

We’re building a new, more robust way for competitive gamers to analyze and improve their performance. We created the Gamer Performance Index (GPI) which involves using in-game data available from game APIs and crunching it through machine learning algorithms to analyze and improve player performance across several areas crucial for competitive gaming.

Mobalytics is about one year old and all the signs are indicative of a smashing success:
Finally, feel free to check the Twitter stream to see the sentiment.


We're a group of gamers on a quest...to help gamers unlock their greatness.

Bogdan Suchyk

Bogdan "Pitasso" Suchyk

Warchief of Growth

Role: Founder. During the day, he handles CEO responsibilities. During the night, he works on product design and growth. During his free time, he’s trying to get out of Bronze IV.

Hobbies: PC games, board games, UX design and growth hacking

League Champion: Malphite/Ashe

Overwatch Hero: Pharah

Amine Issa

Amine "Uthgar" Issa

Warchief of Science

Role: Founder and Chief Science Officer. Plays games all day and calls it “research”. Is known to forget Smite when he’s jungling.

Hobbies: PC games, console games, games, human performance and Yoga

League Champion: Vi

Overwatch Hero: Winston

Nikolay Lobanov

Nikolay "NinjaElastic" Lobanov

Warchief of Technology

Role: Founder and Chief Technology Officer. While the two other founders play games, Nikolay develops and builds the product.

Hobbies: PC Games, new technology and Jiu Jitsu

League Champion: Lux

Overwatch Hero: Autolock Hanzo

Matthew Coyle

Matt "Trancey" Coyle

Dreadlord of Growth

Role: Partnerships and Growth. Matt is an esports veteran, pcmasterrace member, and recovering nerd-rager.

Hobbies: PC games, skateboarding, growth hacking and drinking beer

League Champion: Lee Sin

Overwatch Hero: Zenyatta

Ryan Dean

Ryan "Geei" Dean

Farseer of Science

Role: Data Architect. Ryan attempts to act as "translator" between the gaming experts within Mobalytics and the brilliant developers.

Hobbies: PC games, Star Wars and urban dancing

League Champion: Akali

Overwatch Hero: Junkrat

Roman Gorin

Roman "pufpaf" Gorin

Backend Blademaster

Role: Team Lead. A former Skynet engineer, Roman works in software development to try to find a common language for people and machines to interact with.

Hobbies: PC games and software development

League Champion: Teemo

Overwatch Hero: Autolock Hanzo

Agilio Macabasco

Agilio “DravensMyDad” Macabasco

Warlock of Storytelling

Role: Whether it's Smash Bros, D&D, or pinball, Agilio loves all gaming. He's made the transition from working in politics to become our kickass copywriter and content creator.

Hobbies: Hiking, music festivals

League Champion: Karma

Overwatch Hero: Ana

Hewitt Benson

Hewitt "Prohibit" Benson

Farseer of Data Analysis

Role: eSports Analyst. No stranger to being ranked, Hewitt is a Challenger-tier Summoner and puzzle lover working hard on “confidential” research and strategy. Yeah we don’t believe him either.

Hobbies: PC games

League Champion: Vayne

Overwatch Hero: Tracer

Alexander Kuts

Alexander "Redrush" Kuts

Backend Blademaster

Role: Backend Developer. While the ocean once told him his destiny was to be a pro surfer, Alex put his wave dreams on hold to became a part of the project that combines both of his passions - software development and gaming.

Hobbies: PC games, surfing and software development

League Champion: Teemo

Overwatch Hero: Hanzo

Dmitry Romanyukha

Dima "Disconnect" Romanyukha

Overseer of Product

Role: Product Management. Bringing a decade of experience as PM to gaming environment in the team, rolling roadmaps and making those Trello cards. Dmitry is old school StarCraft and PES/FIFA player, passionate about strategy.

Hobbies: Hikes, Books, Growth Hacking

League Champion: Maokai

Overwatch Hero: Reinhardt

Max Schallwig

Max "jcaboose" Schallwig

Farseer of Science

Role: A rogue physicist, Max started off working on quantum biology models, but turned his focus towards video games to understand how to best describe players and their game from a data science viewpoint.

Hobbies: PC Games, Bouldering, Walking, DnD, board and games, movies

League Champion: Caitlyn

Overwatch Hero: Autolock Hanzo

Ivan Koptiev

Ivan "Kop" Koptiev

Backend Blademaster

Role: Ivan is working on Mobalytics microservices that are retrieving your gaming stats and info and prepares it for further processing by our AI algorithms.

Hobbies: PC Games (especially grand strategies), traveling

League Champion: Teemo

Overwatch Hero: Autolock Hanzo

Artem Borisenko

Artem "Intriligator" Borisneko

Dreadlord of Design

Role: Product Design.

Hobbies: PC games and all apsects of design

League Champion: Jhin

Overwatch Hero: D.Va

Allen Min

Allen "Allenmelon" Min

Farseer of Science

Role: Data Scientist. Responsible for the upcoming CS:GO GPI.

Hobbies: PC games

League Champion: Teemo (our developers love this Yordle)

Overwatch Hero: Autolock Hanzo

Rostyslav Vynnytskyi

Rostyslav "r05ua" Vynnytskyi

Backend Blademaster

Role: Backend Developer. Born near the Carpathian Mountains, Ros is a passionate skier, but when the snow goes away, he spends hours playing games and diving into programming.

Hobbies: PC Games, Ski, Basketball

League Champion: Rengar

Overwatch Hero: Autolock Hanzo

Anatolii Yarovyi

Anatolii "Tolik" Yarovyi

Dreadlord of Visuals

Role: Head of animations and visual effects. Anatolii juggles with tools to bring ideas to live in animated visual assets. Translates words into feelings.

Hobbies: Playing piano and guitar, videogames, motorcycling, tennis, basketball, ping-pong.

League Champion: Leona

Overwatch Hero: Hanzo

Adam Isle

Adam "54bomb99" Isle

Shaman of Coaching

Role: Head Coach. Never think you’ll know more than Adam about LoL. Because you will be wrong. Always on the opposite team of Hewitt when playing in-house.

Hobbies: PC games, chess, hockey, composing music and reading history

League Champion: Twisted Fate

Overwatch Hero: Widowmaker

Evgeniy Lyahov

Evgeniy "Undefined" Lyahov

Frontend Blademaster

Role: Frontend Raider

Hobbies: PC games

League Champion: Teemo

Overwatch Hero: Autolock Hanzo

Andrew Tkachenko

Andrew "Scout" Tkachenko

Warlock of Data Analysis

Role: Digital marketing expert passionate about user experience analysis. Andrey helps to optimize web pages, based on data and user flows to improve the product on a daily basis.

Hobbies: Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Hiking, Digital Marketing.

League Champion: Zed

Overwatch Hero: Reaper

Katelynne Visser

Katelynne "Katelynne" Visser

Community Troll Batrider

Role: Community Manager. Katelynne is a homebody who started off in the gaming world by staying up til the wee hours of the morning playing Age of Empires. Then, she grew up (not really) and started working at Mobalytics.

Hobbies: PC games

League Champion: Lux

Overwatch Hero: Mercy

Serj Pogosov

Serj "Undefined" Pogosov

Frontend Grunt

Role: Frontend Engineer.

Hobbies: PC games

League Champion: Teemo

Overwatch Hero: Autolock Hanzo

David Innes

David "Djinnes" Innes

QA Grunt

Role: An innovator who loves anything LoL and Web Development related. Hungry to learn new things and enjoys coaching! Has a big focus on macro play and automation.

Hobbies: PC games

League Champion: Elise

Overwatch Hero: Bastion

Where We're Based

We're a fully distributed team, with Headquarters in LA, a Town Hall in Europe and Outposts around the World. That means we'll be fixing bugs, replying to your questions and delivering greatness to you 24/7.

Tokyo Outpost


Johannesburg Outpost

David Innes

Munich Outpost

Max Schallwig

Kharkiv Outpost

Ilya Pekelny

Zaporizhia Outpost

Ivan Koptiev

Kyiv Outpost

Rostyslav Vynnytskyi

Los Angeles Headquarters

Amine Issa
Bogdan Suchyk
Nikolya Lobanov
Freddy Chen
Hewitt Benson
Matt Coyle
Agilio Macabasco
Anatolii Yarovyi
Dmytro Romanyukha

Tel Aviv Outpost

Alexander Kuts

Toronto Outpost

Adam Isle

Michigan Camp

Katelynne Visser

Samara Outpost

Evgeniy Lyahov

Bay Area Outpost

Ryan Dean

St. Petersburg Outpost

Andrey Shestakov

Odessa Town Hall

Artem Borysenko
Serj Pogosov
Victoria Valigurskaya

Krasnodar Outpost

Roman Gorin

Our Investors

We were fortunate to get support from the brightest minds all over the world.

GGV Capital General Catalys Partners Founders Fund Almaz Capital
Deep Space Ventures Jaws Ventures B2 Capital

Perks & Benefits

Apart from having the opportunity to change the competitive gaming landscape as we know it, here are a few more benefits to joining Mobalytics:

  • Remote & Flexible
  • Company Retreats x2 Year
  • Equity Stake in the Company
  • Mandatory Gameplay Time
  • $2,000 Home Office Budget
  • Personal Growth Budget

Pick Your Role

LFM: Whether you’re a mage, rogue, or warrior, we’re always looking for new players to join us in our quest. If you don’t see any role that suits your skills, but are as passionate about games as we are, we’d love to hear from you nonetheless!