Project Manager

Job description

The Mobalytics mission is to build powerful tools that enable all players to step up their game and be their best self. In two years we’ve achieved a lot, but there is so much we can accomplish with the right talent onboard. We need razor sharp, experienced, and responsible professionals who can help us grow and evolve from a small adventurous party into a disciplined raid team who can conquer any development challenge.

We consider ourselves a gaming company even through we don’t make games because we work hand-in-hand with world-famous developers, because we love these games, and are members of the communities that make them thrive.  This is not for the faint of heart. Working in a startup is hard, unpredictable, and demanding. Only the most passionate people thrive.

As a Project Manager, your organizational skills will empower our team to excel. Your mastery of every aspect of our product and your understanding of everyone’s role will enable you to support the entire team. Every team needs great support players, and they are the glue that keeps everything moving. We are focused on League of Legends right now, but if you love all sorts of games and are always thinking about how to make teams as efficient as possible, this is the right place for you.


Your Technical Skill Set

  • Experience in project management, preferably 5 years or more.
  • Excellent prioritization and task management skills in a fast-paced environment.
  • Proficient in people management. Able to relate to team members and build professional relationships.
  • Technical understanding of software development workflow and project requirements.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communications skills. (Ukrainian and English)
  • Proven experience managing schedules and project resources to achieve desired results on time.
  • Adaptable to changing business needs and expanded project requirements.
  • Persuasive, encouraging, and a motivating influence with all assigned projects.
  • Experience with project management software and methodology. (Agile, Scrum, Jira, MS Project, Visio, etc…)
  • Conduct post mortems and create recommendations reports based on detailed project analysis.

Your Personal Skill Set

  • Plays games with a desire to improve.
    • We’d love it if you are someone who plays the games we create our tools around currently, but are open to people who love games and the tools that players use to get better at them.
    • No, we don’t care if you are Bronze or Diamond.
  • Self-initiated, fast learner with a positive attitude.
    • Hopefully, you’ll tell us what we need to be doing. Independence and agency are key traits at Mobalytics.
    • We want to queue with “Can do” party members because passion breeds enthusiasm, which in turn makes learning and team achievement infectious.
  • Strong sense of team spirit thriving in a fast-paced environment.
    • We strive for excellence and don’t waste each other's time with BS.
    • We all support and encourage each other, but that also means being good at listening to feedback.
  • Excellent attention to details, quality of work and time management.
    • You have ownership of the product. Be proud of your work, not for our sake, but for yours. We will be proud too!
    • Working hard and having a sense of urgency are important, but being efficient is more important. Hard work doesn’t mean endless hours and “face-time,” it means on time delivery of quality work and achieving our shared goals.

If you love games and have a strong desire to create beautiful products for passionate communities of competitive gamers, this is the place for you. We really want to help players be their best self when playing with others around the world, and you should help us create that environment.